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Gecko Stretch Tents and Canopies.

Tent Products. Gecko Stretch Tents & Events. Gecko Stretch Tents and Events are made of an imported, two-way stretch fabric developed for this application. These high tenacity two-way stretch, durable waterproof fabrics can be rigged in almost any shape or size. The fabric is incredibly strong with a two-way bursting or tearing factor. The unique feature of the fabric is its retractable stretch that keeps its shape.

We have developed our own unique rigging to enhance the value of these structures. When a pole is removed the dimple retracts to its original shape. This means poles can be positioned anywhere allowing for a unique shape every time you rig the tent. The fabric has a built-in fire retardant and will burn very slowly. A spray on fire retardant can be applied as an additional measure and this is applied to the rigged tent or canopy.

Gecko Stretch Tents and Events can be erected with sides up or down or a combination thereof.  As tents they can be designed as a free standing structure or may be attached to a wall to create a full enclosure. Poles can be moved around to accommodate large numbers and create different shapes.

There practically isn’t a space that a Gecko Stretch Tent won’t transform into a useful and stylish entertainment zone.

Over a period of time we have closely worked with event and wedding co-ordinators and established strong relationships where we can advise on which company to use to make your event a memorable occasion. Whether you require an indoor or outdoor temporary/semi-permanent structure, our team can create a vibrant and stylish design for your business or venue that looks great with every function.

Peg & Pole

Peg & Pole Marquees are a great choice for events such as Church Service, Political Parties, Government Functions and Weddings. The King Peg & Pole marquees are expandable tent with two End Caps and Midsections are added as extensions to fulfill your requirements.

21m x 24m
21m x 33m
21m x 42m
21m x 51m


Frame tents are free standing tents with no center poles which make it ideal for weddings, storage, warehousing or major events and exhibitions. Frame tents can be erected on almost any surface and can be erected adjacent to a building or adjacent to another tent. They are very stable and can span over a much wider area.

Framed Marquees are elegant, versatile, clear, open space unobstructed by interior center poles. That means more room for seating, dancing, entertainment, relaxation and enjoyment.

Different Sizes:
5m series
6m series
9m series
15m series

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